Truck Accidents

When a truck is involved in an accident with a car, the results are usually catastrophic for the occupants of the car. Trucks weigh many times what cars weigh, and when a collision occurs it is usually the driver and passengers of the lighter vehicle who pay the price. If you’ve become a victim in a truck accident, you need a Cecil County Truck Accident Attorney on your side.

Have You Been Hurt in a Trucking Accident?

If you have been hurt in a truck accident, or if you have lost a family member in a fatal accident, our attorneys offer a free initial consultation to evaluate whether you may have a cause of action against the trucking company. There are many different ways a trucking company may be liable for damages suffered in a car-truck collision.

Our lawyers will use accident reconstructionists to find out what happened in a truck accident—and why. Among the experts we use are former state troopers who investigated fatal accidents in Delaware and Maryland. We will also address such issues as:

  • Whether the truck was overloaded at the time of the accident, making it more difficult for the driver to stop.
  • Whether the driver had been speeding. Our attorneys will review E-Z Pass records and other evidence to find out if the truck driver was speeding.
  • Whether the driver took rest breaks, which are required by state and federal law. Our lawyers can review the driver logbook, gas receipts, E-Z Pass records, and other evidence to find out whether driver fatigue may have played a role in causing the truck accident.
  • Whether the driver has been taking illegal drugs such as methamphetamines or cocaine to stay awake.
  • Whether the driver had problems such as traffic tickets or a criminal record.
  • Whether the trucking company had performed all necessary safety inspections of the tractor-trailer.

In one investigation of a fatal accident in New Jersey, our lawyers discovered that a drug test of the driver found traces of cocaine. That discovery led to a wrongful death settlement of nearly $5 million for the surviving family members. We will work hard to discover the facts in your case that could show fault for your injuries.

Contact a Truck Accident Attorney in Maryland and Delaware

Free consultation: If you have been injured or lost a family member in a truck accident, we invite you to contact our attorneys in Wilmington, Delaware for a free initial consultation. Your direct calls to our office are also welcome. Please dial (302) 995-6210 for our office in Delaware, or (410) 385-5612 for our Maryland headquarters.