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Settlements And Verdicts

Jury Verdicts & Settlements

$4.6 Million Birth Injury Case:

The firm represented a child who suffered injuries during childbirth. The firm retained 15 experts and aggressively litigated the case with multiple depositions. The case resolved shortly before trial.

$4.2 Million Pregnancy Injury Case

Our medical malpractice attorneys won this case for failure to diagnose chorioamnionitis in a pregnant patient. The failure to diagnose this condition during pregnancy ultimately resulted in brain damage to the child.

$4 Million Dollar Medical Malpractice Case:

Mr. Shelsby represented a woman and her family in a medical malpractice action in Delaware, where the patient suffered the loss of her kidneys. That patient was evaluated in an emergency room and diagnosed with a kidney stone and infection. The patient was sent home without antibiotics. She returned to the hospital several days later in septic shock. She lost one kidney and significant function of the remaining kidney. The case was resolved by a settlement in excess of $4.0 million dollars.

$3.2 Million Dollar Jury Verdict for Workplace Accident:

The firm represented a man who was injured by a co-employee at his work site. The client was working on a diesel engine of a tractor-trailer, with another employee who left to take a break and later returned to work on the vehicle. When the co-worker returned, he attempted to start the engine. At that time, the client was under the vehicle working on the transmission. As a consequence, the transmission turned and the client was struck by the axle, and his arm and shoulder were seriously injured. The insurance carrier offered $20,000. for settlement before trial. Mr. Shelsby tried the case and a jury returned a verdict of $3.2 million dollars.

$3 Million Dollar Tractor Trailer Accident:

Mr. Leoni represented a family in an action involving a collision with a tractor-trailer, which caused the death of a passenger in an automobile. During the investigation, it was determined there was evidence of illegal drug use by the driver of the tractor-trailer. The deceased had a young wife and child and the case was settled for more than $3 Million dollars.

$2.7 Million Failure to Diagnose and treat breast cancer:

Mr. Leoni represented a woman whose OB/GYN doctor failed to treat a persistent lump in her breast. When the client was finally referred to a surgeon she had metastatic breast cancer. Mr. Leoni’s aggressive representation of the woman resulted in a settlement in excess of $2.7 Million.

$2.6 Million Product Liability Case:

The firm represented a teenager who was injured by a product which was later taken off of the market. The firm sued the manufacturer and seller of the product and won a settlement for $2.6 Million.

$1.7 Million Jury Verdict Medical Negligence:

The firm represented a woman who was injured when a doctor at Bayhealth Medical Center failed to properly diagnose and treat her progressively weakening legs. The condition as caused by an abscess on the woman’s spine. The firm retained experts from Yale, Brown University, and Johns Hopkins, among other experts. After a more than two week jury trial the jury returned a verdict in favor of the patient and against the doctor and the hospital for $1,7 Million.

$1.5 Million Jury Verdict for Erb’s Palsy Birth Injury Case:

Mr. Shelsby represented a young boy who suffered an injury to the brachial plexus nerve in his shoulder which would not have occurred if the mother’s doctors would have performed a cesarean section at birth. As a result, the young boy could still use his arm but had permanent neurological injuries to the arm. After almost 2 weeks of trial, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the boy for $1.5 Million.

$1.45 Million Auto Accident Case:

The firm represented a young man who was a high school senior and was involved in an accident where a commercial vehicle turned into the path of the young man’s vehicle.  Initially, the young man did not feel injured and did not even seek emergency treatment.  However, within a matter of days it was clear that he sustained a concussion that effected the client’s ability to think clearly and his emotional state.  The firm aggressively represented the young man using multiple experts including a neurologist, a neuropsychologist and a psychologist, and rejected multiple “low-ball” settlement offers up to the time of trial.  Just before trial the defendant drastically increased their offers until the case was finally settled.

$1.4 Million Dollar Medical Negligence Death Case:

The firm represented a family in a wrongful death action, which involved a patient who was seen in the emergency room with complaints of chest pain. The patient was a mother of three and was employed as a medical practice administrator. She was told that she had an orthopedic problem and was discharged without evaluation of her cardiac function. The patient died as a result of a heart attack thirty-six hours later. The case was settled for over $1.4 million dollars.

$1.2 Million Surgical Error Case:

The firm represented a man who underwent what was supposed to be an outpatient surgical procedure. Almost immediately after the procedure the man had severe bleeding, had to be rushed back into surgery, and ultimately had serious medical problems. Shelsby & Leoni aggressively pursued both the surgeon and a medical device manufacturer on behalf of their client and won a settlement in excess of $1.2 Million.

$1 Million Dollar Auto Accident Settlement:

The firm represented a mother and father who lost their 16-year-old son in an automobile accident. Their child was a passenger in a vehicle, which was being operated by another teenager. The driver traveled through a stop sign and collided with a large van. The impact caused significant internal injuries to the passenger. The child survived for several hours, but unfortunately died from his internal injuries. The case was settled for nearly $1 million dollars.

$1 Million Endometrial Cancer Medical Negligence Verdict:

Mr. Leoni and Mr. Shelsby represented a 36 year old woman who suffered a metastasis of endometrial cancer which would not have occurred if her gynecologist would have properly followed up on a biopsy that showed pre-cancer cells were present.  The doctor failed to perform more complete testing and more biopsies.  The woman had to go through chemotherapy and radiation treatments, as well as an increase in the risk for a recurrence of cancer.  After a 2 week trial in December 2012, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the woman and her husband for just over $1 Million.

The firm has represented many wrongful death, medical malpractice and personal injury claimants, which resulted in judgements or settlements of millions of dollars.

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