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Delaware Birth Injury Lawyers

delaware birth injury lawyersBirth Injury Attorneys DE

No injury case is more heartbreaking than one that involves your child such as a birth defect, birth injury or stillbirth. Parents are often plagued by questions of whether the doctor or hospital missed something that could have prevented the birth injury from occurring. If your child has suffered a birth injury, or birth defect, of any sort in Delaware, Maryland or Washington D.C., you have rights and may be entitled to benefits and financial compensation. You need the help of our Delaware birth injury lawyers.

Seeing your child hurt, injured born with a birth defect or losing a child while having no ability to help them is excruciating for a parent. Please let our team of Delaware birth injury lawyers fight for the rights of your child and get them the help they need. You can reach our DE child injury attorneys by clicking here. They provide free case reviews and charge zero fees if they do not recover for you. As our birth defect attorneys are licensed in several states we serve the injured in the Wilmington, Newark, Dover, Georgetown, Annapolis, Baltimore, Bowie, Salisbury, Rockville and Washington D.C. areas.

At the law firm of Shelsby & Leoni in Wilmington, Delaware, our Delaware birth injury attorneys represent the parents of birth injury victims in Delaware, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. We handle all types of birth injury cases, including:

Sometimes a child is born with brain damage or other development difficulties despite the best efforts of hospital staff. However, some birth injuries are preventable occurrences that are caused by delayed caesarian delivery, lack of fetal monitoring, improper prenatal care, or other events that occurred during the delivery process. Our Wilmington Delaware birth injury lawyers will carefully examine all of the records to see if the doctors and hospital staff gave proper attention to the mother and child in the time leading up to and during delivery.

Experienced Delaware Birth Injury Attorneys

Our team of Dover Delaware birth injury lawyers defended doctors and hospitals in a number of birth injury cases before we changed our practice to represent victims. Our experience gives us an edge, because we know what the defense will do before they do it. We know what records need to be requested during discovery to prove your case.

What is critical in a birth injury case is determining when the injury occurred. The defense will claim that the injury was the result of an infection or developmental problem that occurred months before the time of delivery. However, there are ways to discover when a birth injury occurred. Our Lewes Delaware birth injury attorneys consult pediatric neurologists and neonatalogists to determine whether the injury occurred before or during the birth process—in other words, whether it could have been prevented.

In our representation of families, we often use expert witnesses who have testified for the defense in other cases. This is helpful, because our witnesses cannot be cross-examined on the fact that they testify for plaintiffs all the time.

Free consultation:If your child has suffered a birth injury, we invite you to contact our Middletown, Delaware birth injury attorneys for a free initial consultation.