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Plastic Surgery Errors

Delaware Plastic Surgery Error Attorneys

Elective Surgery Mistake Lawyers in Maryland

In this day and age people may have as many, if not more, cosmetic or elective surgeries than medically necessary surgeries throughout their lives. While plastic surgery procedures can enhance our appearance, welfare and well being they also can go awry and injuries can result. If you have been the victim of an elective surgery error in Delaware or Maryland you may be entitled to medical benefits, compensation and damages. A skilled and experienced Delaware Medical Malpractice Attorney should be consulted with regarding your rights.

Please call Shelsby & Leoni P.A. to discuss your Maryland Medical Malpractice claim. They serve the injured in all of Delaware and Maryland and have offices in WIlmington and Baltimore. Call them at 302 995 6210 or 410 385 5612. You can also click here to email a Delaware Surgical Malpractice Attorney.

Cosmetic Surgeries That Can Result In Injury

Breast enhancement or augmentation

Botox procedures

Gastric bypass/stomach stapling surgeries

Dental and oral surgeries

Facial lifts and procedures

Lasik or eye surgeries

Dermatological procedures

Elective Surgery Injuries

Plastic surgery, or elective surgeries, can result in the same types of accidents and injuries as medically necessary surgeries. These can be anesthesia errors, medication errors, improper patient monitoring injuries, medical equipment injuries and wrongful death. In addition, elective surgeries can also cause excessive or permanent scarring and disfigurement. They can leave your appearance permanently altered if not performed correctly. These injuries, and others, may entitle you to medical benefits, damages and compensation.

Contact an Annapolis Maryland Plastic Surgery Error Lawyer

If you or a loved one have been injured during a cosmetic surgery in Delaware or Maryland please call the Maryland Medical Malpractice Attorneys at Shelsby & Leoni P.A. In Delaware please dial 302 995 6210. In Maryland they can be reached at 410 385 5612. You can also click here to email a Delaware Medical Malpractice Law Office.