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Cervical Cancer Misdiagnosis

Cervical Cancer Misdiagnosis

Cervical cancer is a very common type of cancer seen in women. It is more often than not caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). It effects the cervix, which is the organ that connects the uterus to the vagina. Early cervical cancer is asymptomatic, meaning it does not show symptoms, although regular pap smears can typically detect pre-cancerous cells. Failure to diagnose, accurately diagnose or correctly diagnose cervical cancer can result in many health problems for a woman such as pain, bleeding and infertility. If you feel your doctor failed to accurately diagnose cervical cancer you may be entitled to benefits and compensation. It is in your best interest to consult with a Delaware Cervical Cancer Malpractice Attorney.

Failure to Diagnose Cervical Cancer Attorneys Delaware

Contact the Delaware Cervical Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyers at Shelsby & Leoni P.A. to discuss your case. They can be reached at 302-995-6210 in Delaware. In Maryland please dial 410-385-5612.  Mr. Shelsby & Mr. Leoni possess a wealth of experience both as plaintiffs attorneys and insurance defense attorneys. Let them use their experience and expertise to get you the benefits and compensation you deserve for your injuries and pain and suffering.

Symptoms Associated with Advanced Cervical Cancer

As cervical cancer progresses symptoms are more likely to show up. Common symptoms of advanced cervical cancer are:

  • Bleeding unrelated to menstrual cycle
  • Spotting (bleeding)
  • Excessively long menstrual periods
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Pain during intercourse

These are all physical symptoms that can also be due to other female health issues. It is up to your doctor, primary care physician and or OB-GYN to rule out cervical cancer, or cervical dysplasia, if you exhibit any of these symptoms. Failure to do so may entitle you to benefits and compensation.

Let a Delaware Failure to Diagnose Cervical Cancer Attorney Help You

Enduring cancer and cancer treatment can be very painful, laborious and expensive. Aside from the emotional and physical discomfort associated with battling cancer you may also face severe financial strain due to medical bills piling up. You may also miss extended amounts of time at work which can add to your financial instability.

The Wilmington Delaware Cervical Cancer Malpractice Lawyers at Shelsby & Leoni P.A. want you to understand that you do not have to face this alone. Call them at 302-995-6210 or 410-385-5612. You can also click here to email a Milford Delaware Cervical Misdiagnosis Lawyer at Shelsby & Leoni.