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Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

New cases of prostate cancer are growing each year in Delaware and Maryland. Despite the fact that there have been tremendous advances in the treatment as well as diagnosis of prostate cancer these technologies are negated if the initial diagnosis and testing is not done properly. Also, the timing of the diagnosis has a significant impact on the odds of the prescribed course of treatment working effectively. If you, or a loved one, have been diagnosed incorrectly or inaccurately diagnosed it is in your best interest to consult with a Wilmington Delaware Prostate Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney.

Maryland Male Health Malpractice Lawyers

Call The Maryland Medical Malpractice Attorneys at Shelsby & Leoni P.A. if you feel you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer incorrectly. In Delaware please dial 302-995-6210. Their Baltimore office can be reached at 410-385-5612. You may also email a Baltimore Maryland Medical Malpractice Lawyer here. Mr. Shelsby & Mr. Leoni possess many years experience handling medical malpractice claims throughout Delaware & Maryland. Call The Cecil County Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorneys at Shelsby & Leoni P.A. to arrange a free consultation.

Effects of Late Prostate Cancer Diagnosis in Baltimore

If a cancer diagnosis is made in a timely fashion the odds of the patient surviving and moving on with their life increase. Many forms or cancer, if detected early on, exhibit a tremendous response to treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy and or surgery. In regards to prostate cancer early diagnosis and treatment can result in a complete and total cure.

By comparison, if your diagnosis is not made in time that can ultimately result in removal of the prostate. This procedure is known as a prostatectomy and is surgical removal of the prostate. In addition, late prostate cancer diagnosis can increase the odds of the cancer spreading as well as recurring. Also, the later a diagnosis is made the shorter the lifespan of the patient may become.

Contact a Baltimore Prostate Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney

Contact The Prostate Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyers at Shelsby & Leoni P.A. if you feel you have been the victim of a late prostate cancer diagnosis. They can be contacted at 302-995-6210 or 410-385-5612. You can also email a Dover Delaware Medical Malpractice Attorney here. Mr. Shelsby & Mr. Leoni will use their vast skills, experience and resources to identify all liable parties and make them accountable from a legal standpoint.

Shelsby & Leoni P.A. handle all medical malpractice, auto accident and personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis meaning they charge no fee unless they recover for you.