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Rhinoplasty Malpractice

Delaware Rhinoplasty Malpractice Lawyers

Nose Job Malpractice Attorneys in Delaware

When someone has surgery on their nose they expect it will be performed flawlessly and without complications, They hope the end result will be what they wanted whether it be breathing easier or purely aesthetic enhancements. This is not always the case as rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, can often times have dangerous and life threatening complications just as any other surgical procedure. If you have been the victim of rhinoplasty malpractice in Delaware or Maryland call a Delaware Rhinoplasty Malpractice Lawyer to discuss your rights.

Contact the Wilmington Delaware Rhinoplasty Error Lawyers at Shelsby & Leoni. They have many years combined experience as plaintiffs attorneys as well as insurance defense attorneys. They will use their experience on both sides of medical malpractice law to fight for your rights and get you the benefits and compensation you deserve. Call their Delaware medical malpractice office at 302-995-6210. Their Baltimore, Maryland medical malpractice law office can be dialed at 410-385-5612.

Common Rhinoplasty Complications

  • Adhesions
  • Nasal stenosis
  • Step deformity
  • Bossa formation
  • Septal perforation
  • Rocker deformity
  • Nasal valve collapse
  • Open roof deformity
  • Synechiae formation
  • Polly beak nasal deformity
  • Nerve damage
  • Difficulty breathing

If you have suffered any of these complications, or others such as anesthesia mistakes during your surgery, you may be entitled to benefits and compensation. Delaware Medical Malpractice Law allows for a 2 year window from date of surgery to file your medical malpractice claim. Do not wait to speak with a skilled and experienced Delaware Surgical Error Attorney.

Contact a Delaware Rhinoplasty Error Law Office

Call the Kent County Delaware Medical Malpractice Lawyers at Shelsby & Leoni. They have a long standing history of obtaining favorable settlements and verdicts for their clients. Call their Delaware medical malpractice office at 302-995-6210. Their Baltimore, Maryland medical malpractice law office can be dialed at 410-385-5612. You can also click here to email a Delaware Surgical Mistake Lawyer at Shelsby & Leoni.