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Annapolis Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers

Everyday people are injured in the Annapolis, Maryland area. Injuries can occur in all types of accidents such as auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, premises liability accidents, retail store accidents, medical malpractice cases and workplace accidents. Depending on how and where your accident occurred and who was responsible for your accident and the resulting injuries you may be entitled to damages, benefits and compensation. If you, or someone you care for, have been injured due to another person’s or entities negligence contact a qualified and tenacious Annapolis Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer.

Personal Injury Attorneys Annapolis MD

Retaining a skilled and experienced Annapolis Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected. Call The Annapolis Maryland Personal Injury Liability Attorneys at Shelsby & Leoni P.A. They can be reached at 410-385-5612.  Mr. Shelsby & Mr. Leoni and their staff will handle your claim in a thorough and competent manner and make sure you are properly compensated for your injuries.

Personal Injury Lawyers Serving Annapolis Maryland

Contact Shelsby & Leoni today should you need any of the following:

Statute of Limitations in an Annapolis Maryland Personal Injury Claim

The state of Maryland’s statute of limitations allows a 3 year period from date of accident, or date of death, for an accident victim to bring a personal injury lawsuit to the liable party or parties. It is not advisable to wait anywhere nearly that long prior to enlisting the aid of an Annapolis Maryland Personal Injury Attorney. They will ascertain who is ultimately responsible for the accident as well as any means of compensation and benefits you may be entitled to.

Contact an Annapolis Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer

Please contact Shelsby & Leoni P.A. to discuss filing your Annapolis Maryland Personal Injury claim. They will competently handle all administrative aspects of filing your claim and deal directly with the liable parties insurance company on your behalf. They will do this as a means of getting you all of the possible sources of compensation and benefits you are entitled to. Their office can be contacted by telephone at 410-385-5612. Or, click here to email an Annapolis Maryland Personal Injury Attorney.

Shelsby & Leoni P.A. handle all accident and injury cases on a contingency fee basis meaning they charges no fees unless they recover for you and your family.