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Head On Collisions

Baltimore Maryland Head On Collision Lawyers

Car accidents are a leading cause of injuries and death in America. This applies to people of all ages. There are many types of auto accidents one can be in. One of the more dangerous is a head on collision. A head on collision occurs when two vehicles crash into each other head first. Even at lower speeds they can be catastrophic due to the amount of energy going into the crash.

Head On Car Accident Attorneys Elkton Maryland

You may be entitled to benefits and compensation for your injuries under Maryland Personal Injury Law. Call the Annapolis Maryland Auto Accident Lawyers at Shelsby Leoni P.A. if you have been injured in a Maryland Car Crash. They can be reached at 410-385-5612. You can also click here to email an Elkton Maryland Car Accident Lawyer.

Injuries Seen in a Head On Collision

Head on crashes very commonly occur at intersections and two lane roads when one vehicle comes into the other lane and into oncoming traffic. Even at lesser speeds common injuries seen in a head on collision can include lacerations, broken bones, joint injuries and whiplash. Some of the more severe accidents can cause brain, head and neck injuries. Spinal cord injuries, including paralysis, and wrongful death can also be the result of a head on car crash.

Call a Maryland Head On Collision Accident Lawyer

If you have been hurt in a head on collision call a skilled Maryland Head On Collision Lawyer. Contact The Law Office of Shelsby & Leoni at (410) 385-5612. You can also click here to email a Baltimore Car Accident Law Office. Shelsby & Leoni handle all types of auto accidents on all Maryland roads, highways and interstates.