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Nursing Home Medication Errors

Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys DE

Every single elderly person in a nursing home, group home or assisted living home in Delaware, and Maryland, is on medication of some sort. Most are given their medication per the doctors orders without incident. However in some cases the meds are not given correctly, on time or they may conflict with another medication or condition. When this happens the patient can suffer serious injuries, may need otherwise unnecessary medical procedures, surgeries and in some cases the patient may die. If a loved one in Delaware or Maryland has been the victim of a medication error you have rights. Let our Delaware nursing home medication errors help you.

From their offices in Delaware and Maryland our nursing home malpractice attorneys handle all types of nursing home abuse, sexual assault, injury and neglect cases. One of the more common, and more serious, types of nursing home malpractice are medication errors. Connect with out Delaware nursing home medication error lawyers for a free case review.