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Animal Attack Injuries

Wilmington, Delaware, Animal Attack Injury Lawyers

DE Child Dog Bite Settlements

The fault in dog-bite injuries can usually be traced to the dog’s owner. Whether the dog’s aggressive behavior is the result of poor training, or whether someone chose to keep a dangerous dog such a pit bull without maintaining proper control of the animal, it is the owner who is responsible for injuries. For this reason, states such as Delaware have strict liability in dog-bite cases. If you or your child had been the victim of a dog bite, get in touch with a Wilmington Delaware Animal Attack Lawyer.

Dog Owners Responsibility

Strict liability for animal attacks means that the dog’s owner is responsible whenever a dog bites. There is one exception for persons trespassing at the time of the attack. If you were not trespassing, the only issue in a dog-bite case is determining the amount of damages.

At the law firm of Shelsby & Leoni in Wilmington, Delaware, our attorneys offer a free initial consultation to help you understand your right of recovery if you or a family member has suffered a dog-bite injury.

Injuries and Infection from Dog Bites

Dog bites often cause catastrophic injuries, especially when the victim is a child. Sadly, most dog-bite cases involve children and the most common area where children are bitten is on the face. Following a dog attack, a child will usually need plastic surgery to minimize facial scarring, as well as counseling to overcome fears of future dog attacks.

Our lawyers will focus on putting you in a position to recover enough compensation from the dog-owner’s homeowner’s insurance to help make you whole following an animal attack. We can also refer you to specialists in plastic surgery and counseling to help you recover physically and emotionally.

Contact an Animal Attack Attorney

Free consultation: If you or a family member has a dog-bite injury, we invite you to contact our attorneys in Wilmington, Delaware, for a free initial consultation. You may also call our office directly at (302) 995-6210 or (410) 385-5612.