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Delaware Catholic Priest Child Sexual Abuse Injury Lawyers

delaware catholic priest child sexual abuse injury lawyersChild Molestation Injury Attorneys DE & MD

Over the last 20 years cases of child sexual abuse by a person of trust has grown exponentially across the United States. This is true in Delaware as well. In particular, religious figures such as Catholic priests, pastors, ministers and nuns seem to commit these atrocious acts. It is to the extent that the Attorney General’s office has launched investigations into these child sex abuse claims due to years of cover-ups and scandals. If you, or your child, has been the victim of child sexual abuse you need the help of our Delaware Catholic priest child sexual abuse injury lawyers.

To discuss your case with our Wilmington, Delaware child sex abuse injury attorneys please click here. They provide free case reviews and charge no fees unless they recover for you and your family. With offices in Wilmington and Baltimore they serve both states. This includes Annapolis, Baltimore, Bel Air, Elkton, Wilmington, Newark, Dover, Middletown, Georgetown and Lewes.

Who Commits Child Sexual Abuse?

Almost anyone can commit an act of sexual abuse or sexual violence against a child. More often than not it is someone the child knows and someone the family trusts. Examples are:

  1. Catholic priests and other religious figures
  2. Educators such as teachers, student teachers, teaching assistants, tutors and professors
  3. Healthcare providers such as doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, EMT’s and paramedics
  4. Youth group leaders such as Boy Scouts of America troop leaders and Girl Scouts of America troop leaders
  5. Sports coaches including football, baseball, basketball, swimming, field hockey coaches and martial arts instructors
  6. Music teachers
  7. Authorities such as cops, police officers, state troopers and firefighters.

Why Do You Need A Child Sex Abuse Injury Attorney

In many cases of child sexual abuse no one reports the crime to anyone. The victims feel shame and may not tell their parents or friends. In the case of the Catholic church the church will claim to investigate the named priest, bishop or nun and they usually ship them off to another church, diocese, state or country. That is the end of it.

The crime should be reported to the police first and foremost. To be blunt being molested by a religious figure means your child has been the victim of a sex crime that will haunt them for years to come. These cases bring much unwanted media attention to churches all over the world so they will placate the victim and their families. All the while keeping you from contacting the proper authorities.

With our Delaware Catholic priest child sex abuse injury lawyers on your side all liable parties will be made accountable for the damage they have done. This is regardless of how hard they try to cover it up in an effort to make the case, and you, go away. Our Maryland Delaware child sex abuse injury lawyers will not stand for this.

Delaware Statute Of Limitations For Child Sex Abuse Cases

As with all injury cases there is a timeframe one has to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit after an injury or death. The sooner the case is reported and the lawsuit is filed the better. Immediately reach out to out DE child sexual abuse injury attorneys to discuss how they can help you.

On January 25, 2007 Sb 29 (§8145) was introduced. It is an act to amend title 10 of the Delaware Code by removing the statute of limitations for civil suits relating to child sexual abuse and adding related provisions regarding such suits. The bill, now chapter 102, was signed by the Governor July 10, 2007 and remains in effect now. Even if the priest who harmed you is deceased, or has been transferred to another area, you should contact our Newark Delaware child sex abuse injury attorneys.

Call Our Delaware Catholic Priest Child Sexual Abuse Injury Lawyers

You and your family are not alone in this. You are the victims and our DE child injury attorneys will obtain justice for you and your loved ones. They will get you the benefits, financial compensation and therapy you need to move on and live a full rich life.

They handle cases against all Catholic churches, schools, youth groups, etc. in the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington which includes all of Delaware. It also includes parts of Maryland. Our Baltimore child sex abuse attorneys also handle cases committed by priests and religious figures within the Archdiocese of Baltimore and the Archdiocese of Washington D.C.