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Elopement is a term used to describe when a nursing home, or assisted living home, resident wanders off on their own, without being escorted by a staff or family member. Elopement, and wandering off, can place your loved ones in very dangerous situations and is a direct result of nursing home negligence. If your loved one has suffered an injury due to eloping or wandering off you may be entitled to benefits and compensation. It is a wise move for you to speak with our Delaware nursing home injury attorneys handling nursing home elopement cases.

Please call our Wilmington, DE nursing home abuse attorneys for a free case review. With many years handling nursing home abuse claims in Delaware and Maryland. Our DE assisted living home injury lawyers has an outstanding history of obtaining his clients favorable verdicts and settlements. Our elder law injury attorneys will thoroughly evaluate your claim for damages, breach of the standards of care, causation and compensation damages.

What Constitutes Wandering And Eloping

There is a difference between wandering and eloping. When a resident wanders, or wanders off, they do not have a specific destination in mind. They may also be oblivious to their environment, surroundings and potential safety hazards.

A resident who is eloping is intent on doing something outside of the building or off of the premises. They may attempt to leave repeatedly due to their motives.

Assessing Risk Factors Associated With Elopement

Ensuring that your loved ones do not wander off is a collaborative effort between the nursing home staff, their doctors and family members. The nursing home staff should properly and effectively assess wandering and elopement risk factors and employ appropriate care plans and measures. Risk factors for wandering and elopement include are:

History of elopement or wandering off

Diminished or altered cognitive state such as Alzheimers or Dementia

Not wanting to be in a nursing home

If your loved ones wander off or elope it should be properly documented by the nursing home staff. They should also be given additional supervision by the staff. If this does not happen your loved ones may be the victims of nursing home negligence. Proper care may be as simple as bed, chair and door alarms, and ensuring exits are locked and monitored.

Fighting For Your Rights If Your Loved Ones Wander Off

Delaware & Maryland nursing home residents that elope, or wander off, are very susceptible to various situations that can cause them serious injury or death. These include:

Exposure to the elements and weather





Traffic accidents

Transportation injuries

Allowing a resident to elope or wander away from a Delaware assisted living home or Maryland nursing home constitutes nursing home neglect and may entitle you to benefits and compensation. You should immediately consult with a Newark, DE Nursing Home Neglect Attorney if your loved one suffered injuries due to wandering off or eloping.

Call Our Delaware Nursing Home Elopement Injury Lawyers

Do not hesitate to contact our Dover, Delaware elopement injury attorneys to discuss your Delaware Nursing Home Malpractice claim. Our team of Wilmington, DE nursing home neglect lawyers handle personal injury and nursing home malpractice cases on a contingency fee basis meaning they charges nothing unless they recover on your behalf.

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