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Millsboro DE Nursing Home Injury Lawyers

millsboro de nursing home injury lawyersNursing Home Negligence Attorneys

People are living longer, healthier and more productive lives than ever before. However, there is also a noticeable increase in age related illnesses. Some of these can be Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease and complications due to a stroke. When caring for a loved one becomes too cumbersome for family members it is not uncommon to  contemplate a nursing home as an alternative. While nursing homes normally provide a safe and secure place for our loved ones to reside they can also care for our loved ones in a negligent manner. If a loved one has been injured while in a nursing home in California please contact an experienced nursing home negligence attorney.

Delaware Nursing Home Injuries, Accidents & Abuse

Injuries in nursing homes can be caused by various actions or circumstances. These can range from the nursing home being understaffed, the staff being inadequately trained, improper monitoring and gross negligence. Injuries can be:




Elopement (Wandering off)



Lack Of Monitoring


Sexual Assault

Wrongful death

Liability In Delaware Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Establishing liability is one of the most important aspects of a nursing home negligence claim. A qualified nursing home abuse attorney will know how to identify any and all liable parties. These parties can be nursing home corporations, parent companies, third party staffing companies, contractors, subcontractors and vendors. It is imperative to your case that all liable parties be held legally responsible for the injuries sustained by your loved ones in their accident.

Contact Our Millsboro DE Nursing Home Injury Lawyers

It may take years to recover from the financial strain and emotional stress caused by your loved one being abused, injured, neglected or killed while under the care of a Delaware nursing home, group home or assisted living facility. Let our Millsboro DE nursing home injury lawyers handle all administrative aspects of your claim. This will allow you to focus on moving on. Please contact them today for a free case review.

Our Millsboro, Delaware elder law attorneys serve all of Delaware. This includes Wilmington, Newark, Dover, Georgetown, Milford, Delaware City, Delmar, Seaford, Middletown, Pike Creek, Hockessin, New Castle, Smyrna & Greenwood.