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Delaware Coma Injury Attorneys

Have you or a loved one recently been injured in an accident that resulted in a coma? Do you have several expenses arising from the accident and hospital stay? Contact our Delaware coma injury attorneys for a free case consultation. Depending on the nature of the accident, and bodily injury suffered, your loved one may be entitled to damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and loss wages. Read on to learn more about how our Maryland coma injury lawyers can help you.

What Is A Coma?

A coma is a state of being in deep unconsciousness which can last for a prolonged or indefinite period of time. It is usually caused by severe head injury or illness. During a coma, a person will be unresponsive to the environment around him/her. The person will appear to be sleeping and cannot be directly awakened.

Comas are caused by an injury to the brain. The brain injury may be due to an increase of pressure, bleeding, loss of oxygen, or a buildup of toxins. For example, a car accident can result in someone hitting their head and going into a coma. Types of comas may include the following:

  1. Toxic-metabolic encephalopathy
  2. Anoxic brain injury
  3. Persistent vegetative state
  4. Locked-in syndrome
  5. Brain death
  6. Medically induced

The medical treatment a person may receive for a coma will depend on the type of comma he/she has. It can be very expensive for a family to treat a loved one with this medical diagnosis. Individuals who are in a comma are usually placed in the intensive care unit and may need full life support until their medical condition improves.

Coma Personal Injury Lawsuit

In a coma personal injury lawsuit for damages, the key issues likely to be litigated will involve the plaintiff’s prognosis for a full recovery. The severity of a coma is evaluated by the Glasgow Coma Scale. A physician will use the scale to determine the level of the patient’s responsiveness to stimuli. The score the patient receives reflects their level of consciousness. Our Baltimore, Maryland coma injury attorneys will work with medical professionals to review such results in order to determine the plaintiff’s chances of recovery, likelihood of disabilities, and the extent and costs of ongoing medical treatments.

Our Wilmington, DE com injury lawyers have different types of accidents that can result in a person suffering a coma:

  1. Anesthesia error
  2. Car accident
  3. Slip-and-fall
  4. Traumatic brain injury
  5. Blunt trauma to the head
  6. Infection
  7. Stroke
  8. Blood sugar imbalance

If your loved one has suffered a coma-induced injury as a result of a workplace accident, car accident, or medical malpractice, you can recover damages on their behalf. Do not speak with the liable parties insurance carrier as they are not on your side. This is true even of your own insurance company. Let our Dover, Delaware catastrophic injury lawyers help you.

Contact Our Delaware Coma Our Injury Lawyers

Our team of coma injury attorney is here to help your family during this difficult time. We can review your case and provide you with legal guidance and representation on how to proceed. We will fight to make sure your loved one gets the compensation he/she need for medical expenses related to his/her injury and future medical care.