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Spinal Osteomyelitis Surgery Malpractice Lawsuit

Spinal Osteomyelitis Malpractice Attorneys

Any medical term with the word spinal or vertebral in it always refers to the spinal cord also known as the spinal column. Osteo refers to bone. It is means inflammation. So spinal osteomyelitis, also referred to as vertebral osteomyelitis, is medical jargon for an infection causing inflammation on or around the spinal cord. If you suffer from osteomyelitis and have been further injured due to osteomyelitis surgery please contact our surgical malpractice attorneys at once. Let them handle your spinal osteomyelitis surgery malpractice lawsuit.

Our surgical error attorneys have ample experience with handling vertebral osteomyelitis surgery malpractice lawsuits. Call now or email here for a free consultation. Serving all of Delaware & Maryland including Annapolis, Baltimore, Bel Air, Dover, Elkton, Georgetown, La Plata, Lewes, Milford, Rockville, Silver Spring, Waldorf, Wheaton & Upper Marlboro.